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Over the past few days, I’ve been thinkering with this blog. Mainly, I got bored of the way it looked, and just wanted to have something a bit more neutral.

I’m not bashing the way the previous one looked: it had a very definite style that I still very much enjoy, but it just didn’t quite feel polished enough. I’ve decided to switch blogging engines (I’m now using Jekyll instead of Pelican), and you can find the new theme information on the about page if you care. All content, obviously, remains available under a Create Commons license.

I’ve also taken this new theme opportunity to pimp things a bit. I’m sure you noticed the massive cover picture in this article. With the previous design, I prided myself that the page loaded very quickly, with just a few kb of data. I’ve decided to go for heavier pages, but at least, it looks and feels more dans l’air du temps.

Because we’ll be moving soon, and our internet connectivity is bound to be all over the place, I also relocated the hosting of the blog to one of my servers, instead of the raspberry pi hosted at home. This should mean better uptime and higher bandwidth.

As it turns out, this server is starting to get quite loaded. Between all the applications and websites it’s running, I’m starting to feel like a proper webhost :). The only issue is that I do it for free, most of the time. I might have to start thinking about either getting something beefier, or moving back to having multiple dedicated servers at the same time.

Because my new job doesn’t really require me to work with servers that much, I kind of feel an urge to play with mine more. At Interact-IV, I was fixing servers left and right all the time (well, maybe not all the time, but regularly). At Realm, we don’t have the same kind of hosting business at all, so unless you count the continuous integration server in the Copenhagen office that falls over every few days, I really don’t get to exercise my sysadmin skills as much as I used to.

I guess it’s the right time of year to ask me for help setting up your servers :).

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