For the fourth time in eighteen months, I am on my way to Belgium. For the fourth time, it is to thank someone for being there, and tell them goodbye for one last and final time.

This post is an ongoing documentation of my typical FreeBSD setup.

An old Maemo friend reached out on Twitter and asked for help regarding some issue he was running into using mysqli and PHP. Below is my response that I didn't have time to post before the question was locked.

A look at how to build a backup version of GCC in case something goes wrong with the version provided by your distribution's package manager.

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinkering with this blog. Mainly, I got bored of the way it looked, and just wanted to have something a bit more neutral.

I went to the office today (well, technically, yesterday) to take care of the final paperwork, get my final paycheck and stuff (more on that in another post, hopefully). I wanted to do some cleaning in order to get a nice break after this gig, so I decided to update...

This is part two of my attempt to solve the Hash Anagram challenge offered by TrustPilot. Full disclosure: These articles are not written in chronological order; I finished the challenge a few weeks ago. I’m merely documenting my mental process, and trying to get back into proper writing. In this...

At the office, a few us use Fedora. The main reasons are that it’s a fairly good desktop distribution, and the software is nice and bleeding edge; perfect for developers. But sometimes, it breaks.