So, I decided to make a new blog. I took down the old one as it was starting to get quite boring to look at. I did archive it, and I might re-post some of that stuff later on, if the content still appeals to me.

I’ve changed quite a bit ever since I started the previous blog. I started it as way to keep in touch with friends and family when I moved to London, but it pretty soon became a forum for me to post and discuss political ideas. I won’t say I don’t stand by what I said and wrote, but I don’t necessarily want to keep spreading the same things.

This blog will be a lot smaller; a lot more technical, too. I’m using pelican as a blogging engine, and the blog itself will be hosted on my raspberry pi, at home. Hence, you can expect page loads to be slow, and the feature set to be on the minimalistic side. I might add comments at some point in time, if there is any demand for it.

I already wrote an entry regarding how I route YouTube traffic through one of my servers, in order to bypass the network problems between my ISP and Google. I’m currently trying to get my Zowie Celeritas keyboard to work under GNU/Linux through USB, and from the research I’ve been doing, it looks like I might have to write a specific driver for it. I’ll probably document my progress and findings in case anyone else runs into the same issues.

The other stuff I might write about is how I intend to add Twisted support to Datastax’s Python Cassandra driver, as we kind of need that at work. I’ve been in touch with Tyler Hobbs, the author of the driver, and it looks like we’re kind of on the same page with regards to the general idea on how to do things.

Yup, definitely technical.

So why do I list what I’m going to write about? Well, pelican, the blog engine I’m using is an anagram of “calepin”, which means notebook in French. This blog, in opposition to the previous one, will most probably be a gathering of notes, for myself. If I do veer off the deep end again, I’ll create a new category for that stuff.

I sincerely hope that this entry might get Broderick to write again, too. He was my main (read: only) correspondent as far as blogging went, so here’s hoping to some new exchanges.

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